Host Wordpress in the Cloud

Hosting your WordPress Blog in the Cloud Makes Sense

Wordpress Cloud Hosting

WordPress, already the top blogging platform in the world, and one of the top content applications (not a CMS) as well. Hosting WordPress in the cloud makes all the sense in the world because WordPress can run really fast on shared hosting, vps or dedicated server, but when you take it to the cloud, you have the power of sometimes, hundereds of webserver all linked together.

If one of the cloud servers goes down, your wordpress site will still be accessible because another cloud server will take over!

I Host six WordPress sites in the cloud, one of which is a client that gets over 700 hits a day! on conventional shared hosting, you very well might be told to upgrade your hosting plan, or worse… Migrate your site entirely.

With cloud hosting, you web hosting can grow with your site. This is called ‘scaling’ your hosting, and as your site grows, you can add more resources to maintain the same quick response that you first got when the site was new!

Host WordPress in the Cloud Now!


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Jason Tran is the Web Architect for the Detroit Web Developers Group.

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